Personal injury lawyers in Canada are moving into medical malpractice as changes to personal injury law rules require them to be more strategic. 

According to a recent article on Law Times News, firms are expanding into medical malpractice as changes to personal injury law rules require them to be strategic.  A recent panel at a Canadian Legal Innovation Forum webinar recently discussed this topic and provided insight from personal injury lawyers across Canada. 

Matthew Sutton, a partner with Thomson Rogers LLP, noticed a trend since 2015 where insurance companies were relying more on in-house counsel to deal with their claims. Sutton claims that this has greatly changed the dynamics. With the addition of insurance companies adopting standardized approaches when handling files, many of them are taking their cases to trial with in-house lawyers. 

A partner at Borgoroch and Associates, Yoni Silberman, also described issues with the empowerment of insurance adjusters. The Toronto lawyer specifically highlighted that larger personal injury firms might be able to deal with a long settlement period but smaller practices may lack the resources required to keep up. 

Personal injury lawyers have been broadening the types of cases they are willing to take on, Morgyn Chandler, a managing partner at Hammerco Lawyers LLP, specifically named medical malpractice as one of the expanding areas of practice. 

Chandler emphasized that personal injury lawyers have been fighting a battle for years as new changes role in, such as British caps on minor injury claims and attempts to move claims to online resolution tribunal rather than the court system. 

One firm that has moved toward medical malpractice is Toronto firm McLeish Orlando LLP. Lindsay Charles, a partner at the firm added that

“There is more than one way to have a successful business”

Expanding into medical malpractice opens up more opportunities for firms to succeed and reach a larger number of clients. 


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From Law Times News