Where Law meets MedicineTM

Where Law meets MedicineTM

We provide expert evidence-based opinions on Causation and Standard-of-Care regarding potential Medical Malpractice, serving lawyers and institutions right across Canada.

MedMalDoctors offers proven cost-effective assistance from your initial enquiry right through to trial.

Our core qualities:


Access to experts in every speciality


Quality Assured reports with Evidence-Based ClarityTM


Trial support and coordination


Value-added access to CEO/Medical Director

We Serve

Plaintiff lawyers

requiring expert SOC opinions from:


Nurses, Pharmacists and Para-professionals


Psychologists and Neuropsychologists




such as hospitals and nursing homes requiring:


Confidential neutral evaluation of potentially negligent events


Defense of alleged negligence by nurses and para-professionals


Support for appeals against loss of Medical Staff privileges

"I unreservedly recommend MedMalDoctors for medical negligence cases originating anywhere in Canada. They provide highly valued assistance in three essential areas: insightful discussion and advice on the medical nature of a claim and questions to consider posing, dependable access to expert evidence-based opinions, and the general cost-effectiveness of a triaged process. I find the service prompt, efficacious and learned."

E. F. Merchant, QC
Founder and Principal
Merchant Law Group

“I have relied upon [the Medical Director] regularly during my nearly two decades practicing law. He has been an invaluable sounding board to help strategize the best approach for some of the more unique and complicated medical issues I have been asked to handle. His immense breadth of medical knowledge and access to such a broad range of experts has been exceedingly helpful.”

Jeff Sermet, Lawyer
Bryan and Company LLP/Ally Law
Edmonton, Alberta

"I have had the pleasure of working with [the Medical Director] for several years. I regularly act on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants alike, in health related litigation. The experts I have sourced with the assistance of Dr Hodkinson are true to their duty as expert witnesses, and they are independent and helpful to the trier of fact when providing opinion evidence."

Reginald A. Watson, Q.C.
Miller Thompson LLP
Regina, Saskatchewan

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