The Covid-19 Pandemic Increased demands on medical professionals, increasing the need for expert witnesses.

Medical Malpractice lawyers heavily depend on the opinions of medical experts to prove negligence or malpractice. These experts can be critical to retain to comment on the standard of care and causation, both necessary elements in a medical malpractice case. 

A blog post published by Howie, Sacks & Henry discusses how delays caused by the pandemic may impact both clients and lawyers in retaining expert witnesses. Medical Malpractice lawyers often consult numerous medical experts before even issuing a lawsuit in court. Accessing a variety of specialists and medical experts is essential to determine the viability of the case. Finding expert witnesses may be an even more difficult task as many medical experts become essential front-line workers.  One option lawyers may consider is consulting retired nurses and physicians who did not have to work more during the pandemic. 

As courts closed and trials are pushed back, lawyers may find some benefit in this delay as they are able to spend more time reviewing expert reports and other files. 

MedMalDoctors has an extensive list of specialists and expert witnesses to serve lawyers in their Medical Malpractice cases. 

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From Howie, Sacks & Henry